Variable Rate Spreader


Many of our Newton Crouch spreaders are compatible with variable rate technology.   Variable rate allows growers to save thousands in fertilizer cost. With a few changes to our standard fertilizer spreaders and the controller of your choice you will be ready for the newest technology around.

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NCI spreaders have a wide variety of options.  Customize your spreader to your requirements - not a one size fits all - by speaking with our knowledgeable representatives who can advise you on components to get the best equipment for your use.  Call 800-241-1350 toll free


Advantages of a Variable Rate Fertilizer Spreader:

  • Savings on fertilizer cost
  • A consistent growth pattern in your field
  • Download fields spread and compare with Google Maps


Newton Crouch Spreaders with Variable Rate:

  • Row Crop Spreader, single axle pull type
  • Spreadit Series, tandem axle pull type
  • Truck Spreaders
  • Self-Propelled Spreaders